an Xcode Plugin that allows you to create custom file templates for your iOS or OS X project

supports both.swift() [and objc]

Create custom Template

in a couple of clicks you'll create a custom file template from existing selected files


New file from template

simply select your custom template when creating a new file, saving you time and avoiding repititive tasks


Saved in project directory

your custom templates will be committed to source control and shared with your project collaborators


Includes Built-in Templates

finally you can create a xib at the same time as creating a new UIView or NSView subclass

show me!

Your tour guide

this blog post will show you how to get started with Stencil, taking you through the simple process of creating your own file template and using it to create a new file

Introducing Stencil


the simplest way to start using Stencil is to install through Alcatraz package manager for Xcode

you can alternatively clone the git repo and follow instructions in the repo's README, i.e. build and run the project and then restart Xcode


Get in touch

if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to say hello, please speak to me on twitter!


if you would like to contribute, feel free to make a pull request

i look forward to seeing this being improved and extended, so please get contributing!